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Goodbye to the year of the snake

I wonder if I'll get my FAFSA results by the end of the week? Or sometime in January, at least. That would be cool. :p

Whatever happens with my financial aid, I'm going to go ahead and sign up for Oxford Seminars' TEFL course. The next one will be given in March: it's about a month long, with three weeks of weekend classes and a 40-hour online component to be completed immediately after that. The classes will probably be taught at CSULA again.

I want to spend the next several years (after UCLA) in a semi-itinerant way... teach for a year, come back home for six months to work on music, then leave for another year of teaching. Repeat as necessary. If I go through gender confirmation in the future, this plan will change; right now, I want laser, and I plan on putting some money into a zappy fund. Strategic outness is my goal for the immediate future; whether that includes being out to family is something I'm still wrestling with.

(I want blue hair and bangs, too. ^..^ But that will probably have to wait)

I've warmed to the idea of teaching in South Korea, and I plan on making it my first destination. Yes, part of that is due to money, but there's an incredible diversity of people working there, and if I can get a job in Seoul or Busan -- large cosmopolitan cities with a big queer and vegan scene -- I think I'd find it a thrilling adventure, warts and all. I think SK's what I'm willing to make of it.

Listening to a big stack of rock/pop CDs from last year that I never got around to hearing. I'm also working on three different mixes for my site, and planning to re-record another mix. After all those are in the bag, I'll start the rare CD contest/call for submissions, and keep that going for a few months while I work on the next project. I want to write my 2013-14 annual letter sometime, too! Until then, more adventures figuring out what the hell to do with myself...


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Jan. 10th, 2014 03:49 am (UTC)
(I want blue hair and bangs, too. ^..^ But that will probably have to wait)

I think you could rock this so hard.

I've heard really good things about SK as a place to live for a year; I've never been, but if/when you go, I look forward to hearing about it!
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